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Stan4SWAP joins Alternative Fuel Infrastructure discussion

19 Apr 2024

Yesterday we joined the stakeholder workshop ‘Navigating the Transition: Standards Powering the Journey of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure’.

The event was organised by CEN and CENELEC to discuss with relevant stakeholders the opportunities and challenges imbedded in the Green Deal ambition to make the transportation across Europe more sustainable.

Ricardo Lama, CENELEC President-Elect and Maja Bakran, Deputy Director General at the European Commission's DG MOVE, opened the event illustrating how standards and legislation act together to facilitate the transition to using alternative fuels in various modes of transportation.

The event offered us the opportunity to discuss with relevant stakeholders the role of swapable batteries as a part of the alternative fuel infrastructure as well as how we aim to address its challenges and opportunities in with the Stan4SWAP roadmap for swappable battery systems.

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