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Taxi in Paris

About  the Project

Electric vehicles play an important role in the decarbonisation of the transportation sector. However, the time needed to re-charge the battery is a barrier to a widespread use of electric vehicles. STAN4SWAP aims to develop a standardisation roadmap towards facilitating the use of swapable battery systems for light category vehicles, to facilitate the decarbonisation of urban mobility.



Identification of needs for Pre-Normative Research work in the context of swapable battery systems for light-category vehicles


Increase stakeholders' engagement establishing an active dialogue between the standardization community, industry and research


Prioritizing standardization activities towards supporting the deployment swappable battery systems for L-cat vehicles


Educating and raising awareness about the role of standardization in supporting the decarbonization of mobility and transportation ecosystem

What makes Stan4SWAP essential?

Modern Architecture

Enrico Mayrhofer, Piaggio, Project Coordinator

"Our goal is to reach a standard that ensures the interoperability of batteries among various vehicles and swapping stations. This will not only reduce charging time but also lower costs for end-users. Additionally, it will facilitate the re-use and re-purposing of batteries for a second life, aligned with the circular economy approach."
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